Ghostlight confirms Chemistry deal

Announces joint effort To End All Wars
Publish date:

As we reported in April, Ghostlight will be collaborating with Chemistry to publish To End All Wars.

Chemistry, the recently-rebranded division of Kuju, will be leveraging its status as a Unreal Engine-dedicated studio to deliver To End All Wars for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

A first-person shooter with an emphasis on trench warfare, the game will attempt to recreate the war experience with “unrivalled atmosphere and realism”.

In today’s official announcement, Chemistry studio head Simeon Pashley explained: “By blending Kuju’s specialism on Unreal Engine with this great theme we’ve created a new and exciting formula for an amazing game experience that brings to life the visceral and demanding struggle that was The Great War.”

Ghostlight director Khaled Lababedi said that the signing represents a huge statement of intent for the company. “Alongside other products to be announced in the coming months To End All Wars will propel Ghostlight towards its stated objective of becoming a major global publisher.”



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