Giant licenses CryEngine 3

Crytek announces deal with Chinese online games company
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Crytek has announced a deal with online games develioper Giant, licensing CryEngine 3 for use by the Chinese company.

Giant is known primarily for MMOs, such as ZT Online, and is currently developing a Chinese version of the Russian MMO Allods Online.

Giant's Vice Presiden, Yongjun Fei, cited the unique development pipeline offered by CryEngine as one of the reasons for adopting the German company's tech.

"We could easily build a level, create a story on top of it and then explore new gameplay elements whilst fine-tuning the design," said Fei.

"Compared to a rough demo, a high quality prototype not only shows polished visuals and more refined gameplay, but also helps to create a stronger focus for the finished product whilst shortening development time and reducing risk."

Crytek gained attention for CryEngine with their hit game Far Cry, and have continued to draw praise as middleware distributors with subsequent engines that powered the graphically impressive Crysis and Crysis 2.