Global Game Jam countdown kicks off

36 nations to host the weekend-long game development contest
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The 2010 Global Game Jam is just days away with the international game development festival expanding its reach to 127 different venues across 36 countries.

Like last year’s debut event, the Global Game Jam will bring together groups of people to build their own new game in just a single weekend.

The event takes place simultaneously in different places around the world, from the US to Israel, to the UK, to South Korea, to Spain, to Qatar.

All participants are given similar tasks and guidelines in which to build their game under, and one of the things learned from the first Global Game Jam was how the same restrictions can yield wildly different results from diverse nations and cultures.

The event is set to commence from January 29-31. There’s still time to register at the event website.

“As we count down to the start of the Global Game Jam 2010, anyone interested should be getting ready by checking their local venue, signing up, and visiting our site to answer any last minute questions that they might have,” said Susan Gold, founder of the Global Game Jam. “The event is open to anyone interested in being part of a team and creating a game.”