Glu Mobile takes aim at Japanese mobile market

Deer Hunter studio plans local partnerships as part of Asian push
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San Francisco-based developer Glu Mobile is planning a push into the Japanese free-to-play smartphone market.

Glu's main franchises already command over 100 million downloads each and, according to an announcement in Famitsu magazine picked up by Polygon, is eying Japan as a step toward even greater success.

"Our interest lies in how not just Japan, but the entire Asian market is expanding every year," said Glu's country manager for Japan Shinsuke Mori.

"Right now, about 30 percent of Glu Mobile's sales come from Asia. Beyond that, though, Japan has a unique presence in game culture.”

The plan is to launch five titles before the end of the year, but Mori says his company won't stop with localization.

"We want to release titles that everyone in Japan can enjoy, and we want to begin by forming partnerships with Japanese development firms,” he explained.

“Hopefully we can share data between each other that enables us to quickly set up a structure for this."

Glu is also eager to get the word out about Japanese games, and is interested in forming partnerships with local studios that want to enjoy a more universal audience.

"We've talked about how we hope that Japanese game fans know more about the games of the world," Mori said.

"At the same time, one of our goals is to tell the world about all of these neat games in Japan. If a Japanese developer is hoping to expand overseas, we'd like to help them out with that as well."