God of War producer Barlog on board for Mad Max game

Former SCEA man teams up with director George Miller for game adaption of movie IP
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Newsweek reports that Corey Barlog, the former producer of God of War II, has teamed up with movie director George Miller to adapt his Mad Max franchise for video games.

A tie in to the fourth Mad Max movie, which is still in pre-production, Barlog is reportedly building his concept for the game based on all the work Miller and co did when the movie was being geared for filming in 2003.

Miller owns the right to Mad Max, and recently had a major Hollywood hit in kids' movie Happy Feet - so he's got the clout to see through the game's production.

He said: "My expertise is in cinema, but it's about seeing where those disciplines overlap and bringing people together - by workshopping or whatever you want to call it - bringing together all these disciplines and basically telling the story of the same characters and the same world, but putting them out in all these different platforms.

"I see myself not so much as a filmmaker but as a storyteller. If I'm a storyteller first and a filmmaker second, then all of this other stuff is a legitimate part of telling the story. So that's how I'm seeing it. And my job--my specific job is to tell the story through film; at the same time it's someone like Corey's job to tell the story through the game. But there's a cohesion between the two.


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