Going free doubled Threes! dev's daily income

Indie developer Asher Vollmer shares stats following release of free version of his game
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Asher Vollmer, the creator of mobile hit Threes!, has doubled his daily income thanks to the launch of a free version of the title.

Sharing statistics via Twitter, Vollmer reveals that there has been a dramatic shift in revenue generated by the game since the free iteration went life one month ago.

“It was not a very glamourous game release, but it was a good business decision,” he writes. “Excited to make bigger games now.

“I’m glad this model worked out. Its value comes from the fact that it respects the players AND the developers.”

Graphs shared via Twitter, which you can see below, show that there is little difference between the paid and free versions when it comes to retention and that his player base increased significantly.

Player base

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(Orange = paid version. Blue = free)

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