Goodgame amasses 200 million registered players

Empire accounts for 77m users
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Empire accounts for 77m users

Goodgame Studios has amassed more than 200 million registered players for its portfolio of titles.

The Hamburg mobile and browser developer’s most popular game, Goodgame Empire, has garnered 77 million registered users, while Goodgame Farm has accrued 27 million players and Goodgame Gangster has surpassed 23 million registered users.

“Our player base has grown steadily since the founding of the company in 2009, and thanks to our aggressive marketing strategy and our opening up new markets such as Japan or Korea, the number of new registrations is set to keep on growing,” said Goodgame COO Christian Wawrzinek.

“Expanding our portfolio is another way to guarantee new players. On this front we are concentrating on publishing a small number of high quality titles.”