Google and VIVE team up for standalone Daydream VR unit

No separate processing unit required for the new unit from VIVE
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Vive Standalone VR Product 2.jpeg

Google have teamed up with VIVE, the VR arm of HTC, to release a standalone virtual reality headset for Google's Daydream platform.

The headset, which does not need a PC or smartphone in order to be used, will be coming later this year.

The design looks very similar in places to Sony's PSVR design, compared to current mobile based VR units that use velcro and straps to fix the device comfortably to your head. The unit appears to have a solid and adjustable rear band and a top band with padding.

The unit is an all in one solution which means it could be the first wireless complete VR unit this generation, and presumably will have the processing unit, memory and battery included within itself. It will also feature Google's Worldsense tracking.

The unit was announced at Google I/O last night and more details will appear in the coming months.