Google Play Games gets cross-platform iOS multiplayer support

GDC 2014: Raft of new features added to Google's games service
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GDC 2014: Raft of new features added to Google's games service

Google has added cross-platform multiplayer support for iOS to its Google Play Games service and SDK.

This means developers can integrate turn-based and real-time multiplayer capabilities to both Android, web and iOS games.

To help with cross-platform development, the web giant has also updated its Play Games Unity Plug-in to support multiplayer services. It has also introduced an early Play Games C++ SDK to support achievements and leaderboards.

Google is also launching enchanced Play Games statistics on the Google Play Developer Console to provide developers with analytics on player engagement statistics, including the number of daily active users, retention analysis and leaderboard performance.

Other new additions include extra features to the AdMob platform, making Google Analytics available directly in the AdMob interface and enabling developers to target users with specific promotions for in-game items. Users can now also send each other virtual in-game objects as gifts to anyone in their circles.


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