Google Play's Family Library lets six people share their game purchases

New plan will be rolled out to 12 countries this week
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Google is in the process of launching a new feature that allows its users to share games, movies, books and other content with their families.

Under the new Family Library scheme, up to six people will be able to access the same purchases across all of their devices, GamesBeat reports. A credit card can be shared as the family payment method, although individuals will be able to use their personal credit cards or vouchers.

Android users will be able to share content bought through Google Play, including games and apps, while iOS and web users with Google accounts will be able to access books, movies and TV shows.

Sharing applies to any apps and games purchased after signing up to Family Library. Whether previous purchases are eligible depends on whether content providers have enabled the feature.

The new option is due to roll out to 12 countries this week: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, UK and US.

It follows the Google Play Music Family Plan launched in December, which Google claims has been a “great success”. 

For games developers, the immediate implications is that while this potentially denies multiple purchases from within the same family or group of friends, it could provide more users.