Gore Verbinski's Kinect game Matter cancelled

Matter is no more as Microsoft cans abstract puzzle game
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A Kinect game being overseen by Pirates of the Carribean director Gore Verbinski has been abandoned.

Verbinski was collaborating with Blind Wink Games on Matter, which was to be released via Xbox Live Arcade with Kinect as the primary focus of its gameplay.

However, it now appears that Microsoft Studios has cancelled the title, according to Joystiq.

“Microsoft Studios is no longer pursuing this title,” a Microsoft representative said.

Matter was revealed at E3 2012. Verbinski pitched the game as a means to instil emotion in players. Not much was known about the game, which appeared to be an abstract puzzle game set in a Tron-esque environment.

Verbinski was also involved in a film adaptation of BioShock, which has since been cancelled.