GoW: Ascension director joins Crytek Frankfurt

Todd Papy exits Sony’s US studio now at German maker of Ryse
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God of War: Ascension director Todd Papy has become a game director at Crytek, following his departure from Sony Santa Monica.

Papy confirmed as much on his LinkedIn and Twitter pages, which reads: “Game Director at Crytek on an unannounced project.”

He left Sony Santa Monica at the beginning of November.

Crytek recently wrapped up production on its Xbox One launch titles Ryse: Son of Rome, and speculation is that Papy will be working on its rumoured sequel, Ryse: Knights of England.

Not an unusual thought, considering Papy’s involvement with God of War, which focuses on close combat action.
Papy has previously worked on original PS2 God of War and its sequel, as well as projects with publisher Atari, such as Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA.