Graduates form Swedish indie studio ThreeGates

Gotland-based startup building co-op focused PC titles
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Gotland-based startup building co-op focused PC titles

A group of graduates from Gotland University in Sweden have formed a nearby indie games outfit.

New studio ThreeGates already has nearly 30 employees, and has pledged to ship its first title before the end of 2011.

In a refreshing change, the new studio isn’t a digital or mobile games startup, but a group focusing on multiplayer and co-op PC games.

ThreeGates was founded in late 2010 by Gotland University graduate Don Geyer, now the studio’s CEO.

“ThreeGates is the result of an incredibly talented group of people that has come together in Sweden with the sole purpose of making great games,” said Geyer.

“We see online Co-Op, as something that the market is really wanting right now, so we’re working hard to fill that void and give gamers a game that they will want to play.”