GungHo averages $4.9 million a day

Puzzle & Dragons developer sees nearly 1,000 per cent growth in first half of the year
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The developer of mobile hit Puzzle & Dragons has seen a truly impressive 945 per cent growth in 2013 so far.

GungHo Online Entertainment reported amazing results for the first half of the year after the launch of the game, claiming $763 million in revenue and a net income of $287 million.

The majority of the earnings came from the second quarter, which drew $446 million in revenue and $161 in net income.

Dr. Serkan Toto, who translated the report, points out that this means about $4.9 million a day over the second three months of the year.

Toto notes that if the current reported sales estimate for July of $138 million holds, it would mean a slight drop to $4.5 million of average daily revenue.

If that's bad news, it's still something companies twice the size of GungHo would be jealous of.

Puzzles & Dragons boasts 17 million registered users in Japan, and GungHo is looking to release the game in certain European countries this year.