Haiti disaster sees studios push for aid

Bungie, PopCap and Zynga among the studios offering donations to the rescue mission
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Numerous development studios are offering donations to humanitarian groups swept into Haiti in the aftermath of its devastating earthquake.

The death toll in Haiti is feared to be as high as 200,000 following last Tuesday’s 7.0 magnitude quake. The UN and many of its member states have pledged financial and manpower aid for the torn Caribbean nation, though food and water supplies are still thought to be insufficient as a clearer picture on the quake’s devastating impact continues to emerge.

Now the game industry is mounting a collective push to lend aid to the devastated nation, with the likes of Bungie, PopCap and Zynga sending certain profits to rescue groups.

Bungie's online store is selling various merchandise, such as a special edition tee-shirt, with all profits going to aid. The studio is also asking users to go online this Wednesday and Thursday wearing a special emblem. For every thousand users that participate, Bungie will make a $100 donation to the Red Cross, up to a maximum of $77,000.

Meanwhile, social game giants PopCap donated all its revenues earned last Saturday to humanitarian group Partners in Health.

Zynga has also contributed as much as $1.2 million to Haiti charities, by allowing users to make microtransaction donations in games such as FarmVille.

iPhone App QuizQuizQuiz will donate all its North American-sourced revenues to Haiti charities until Sunday 24 January.

Donations are also coming through social game Hello Kitty Online, as well as independent studio YNK Interactive.


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