Halo 4 lead writer joins Mass Effect team

BioWare reveals senior devs and execs on upcoming game
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The lead writer on Halo 4 is heading up writing duties on BioWare’s new Mass Effect game.

Chris Schlerf has been working on the title in secret for the past year, having joined the studio in November 2013.

He’s joined by former Epic senior producer Chris Wynn as senior development director, producer Fabrice Condominas, who worked on Mass Effect 3, Infinity Blade: Dungeons designer Ian Frazier as lead designer and art director Joel MacMillan.

Other members of the senior team include creative director Mac Walters, producer Mike Gamble and BioWare Montreal studio director Yanick Roy, whose studio is leading development on the new Mass Effect.

The latest entry in the Mass Effect series will be the first title to use the Frostbite engine, having previously ran on Epic's Unreal Engine. No release date has been set.