Halo: Spartan Strike co-developer restructures to form VR/AR studio Force Field

Vanguard to expand development beyond games into 'entertainment experiences'
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Vanguard Games, the Netherlands-based co-creator of Halo spin-offs Spartan Assault and Spartan Strike, has transformed itself into VR/AR start-up Force Field.

Vanguard said its restructuring into the new firm will see it expand beyond developing games, diving into the pool of broader ‘entertainment experiences’ for the nascent mediums.

The new company will be home to 60 staff, with an untitled game for the Oculus Rift said to be its first release.

In addition, Force Field added that it had secured ‘global partnerships’ with multiple leading firms in the VR and AR sectors, resulting in future plans for ‘several’ high-profile projects.

“We are super excited to reveal our official shift to exclusively work on VR & AR under a new banner, Force Field,” explained Force Field CEO Arthur Houtman.

“We kicked off in this new direction nearly a year ago through our partnership with Oculus and absolutely fell in love with the possibilities of this new platform. We believe in the incredibly potent future of VR and AR and have made the bold decision to re-focus our entire company.

"Based on our legacy, awesome talent, studio size and deep relationships with the platforms, we feel confident that Force Field is in a unique position to create high quality games, interactive entertainment and experiences in virtual reality.”


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