Hansoft 7 comes to Mac

Tools firm making tech native to OS to cater for 'rapidly growing community of developers'
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Project management tool Hansoft is now natively available on Mac OS X.

The new OS X client and server is designed to help enable Mac developers and large teams work together in agile software development.

Hansoft 7.1 is also available for Windows.

“Teams using Hansoft have typically used another agile tool before,” said Hansoft CEO Patric Palm.

“The most common reason they migrate to Hansoft is the lightning-fast native interface being 10-100x faster than a web tool. With the release of Hansoft native OS X client and server, we are bringing the same experience to the rapidly growing community of developers using Mac.”

You can read more about Hansoft coming to Mac in the latest issue of Develop, which you can read through your browser or on iPad.