Havok hints at next product

Middleware provider reveals focus on â??character behaviour in destructible environmentsâ??
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Speaking to Develop, David O’Meara, MD of Havok, has hinted that the company’s seventh product will focus on in-game character behaviour in dynamically destructible environments.

“The world has become very dynamic, we have destruction on a massive scale, and characters on a massive scale,” said O’Meara.

“If we have multiple characters and very dynamic environments with thousands of pieces moving dynamically, how do characters handle that environment? Our new product will be about how they do that.”

The seventh addition to Havok’s library of middleware will be announced officially at GDC in March.

For more of our interview with O’Meara – including Havok’s ambitions to continue to develop more modular products, establish a presence in Korea, China and Australia, and the possibility of moving into acquisitions – look out for our full interview later in the week.