Heavenly Sound: Profiling Ninja Theory's audio production

Our monthly exclusive look at an upcoming game's audio work takes a trip to see Heavenly Sword
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Did you know that Heavenly Sword boasts 10GB of sound FX, approximately three and a half hours of music and contains 4,500 lines of dialogue?

We did, but only because our intrepid audio writer John Broomhall (who also contributed to the game's sound workd) took a trip to developer Ninja Theory to find out how the team, in collaboration with SCEE, was progressing on work for one of the most ambitious PS3 titles released this year.

Specifically, he spoke to Ninja's Tom Colvin and SCEE's Garry Taylor to discuss using Nitin Sawhney for background music, and how the production, which already boasts Gollum actor Andy Serkis as a key contributor to the plot and in-game acting, went truly international, with dialogue recording at SCEA's Foster City, USA facility and turning out over an hour and a half of cut scenes for 11 different languages.

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Heard About: Heavenly Sword

In our monthly look behind the scenes on the audio production of a recently released or upcoming game, John Broomhall speaks to Ninja Theory's Tom Colvin and SCEE's Garry Taylor about the making of music and sound FX in Heavenly Swordâ?¦