Heavy wage cuts at Marvelous Entertainment

Going gets tough for the multimedia outfit as CEO salary is cut by 77%
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Marvelous Entertainment will make dramatic cuts to the wages of its key executives and staff, reports suggest.

Company CEO Haruki Nakayma will reduce his wages by 77 per cent, with directors hit by a 25-43 per cent salary cut. And according to news site Siliconera, other executives at the firm could face losing as much as 15-17 per cent of their earnings.

Tokyo-headquartered Marvelous owns various studios and businesses around the world. It absorbed game developer Runtime Inc back in 2008, and owns recording studio Delfi sound, and animation studio Artland.

The firm has recently shown signs that it will back away from plans to push its business in the West, at least for now as it faces money troubles.

Marvelous recently said it will turn to a licensing model for future overseas publishing deals, though Rising Star Games has secured the rights to publish Marvelous Entertainment games in the UK.