Hirschberg: Diversity doesn't always mean creativity

Activision Publishing CEO claims outfit is victim of 'false narrative' around output diversity
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Eric Hirshberg, Activision's CEO of publishing, has claimed that a diversity of output does not always mean the company responsibly is demonstrating creativity or support for creativity.

"I think that publishers which have wider and 'more diverse' slates are far less risky than us, are far less creative," Hirshberg told CVG. "Just because you have a game in every genre does not mean you're creative."

He also claimed Activision is sometimes victim of accusations that the company does not promote diversity through its game releases.

"I think there is a false narrative that all Activision wants to do is put out a Call of Duty every year, when in fact we've shown some real innovation and appetite for risk," he said.

Hirshberg insisted that Activision does support diversity, and asserted that the company's strategy in choosing the games it publishes would not change. The exec pointed to Call of Duty, Destiny and Skylanders' simulataneous position on Activision's books as evidense that diversity is supported by the publisher.



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