Hollywood kingpin Bruckheimer to launch new game empire

Famed producer enlisting elite talent in Halo 3 producer Jim Veevaert and ex-Ubisoft exec Jay Cohen
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Renowned Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer is embarking on his own video game empire by establishing a new production studio, Jerry Bruckheimer Games.

Bruckheimer – who has produced a range of TV shows and movies from CSI to Pirates of the Caribbean – has enlisted the expertise of two key industry figures; Halo 3 producer Jim Veevaert and former Ubisoft executive Jay Cohen.

The Jerry Bruckheimer Games studio will be based in the Californian city of Santa Monica. The outfit is aiming to deliver unique franchises and is prepared to co-develop with other studios. The outfit will partner with MTV Games as publisher.

Bruckheimer said he has turned to the games industry due to its continual proficiency in story-telling.

"Games are evolving just like movies," he said in an interview with the LA Times. "There's storytelling and there's character development in games. We're in the entertainment business. We entertain you in theaters, on TV and on your game platforms."

Industry veteran Jim Veevaert said that the new outfit would be taking a unique approach to game production that would distinguish it from previous Hollywood ventures into the interactive medium.

“For one thing, this is not Hollywood approaching games," he said. "Jay and I have worked on a number of successful game projects. We're bringing the best talent in Hollywood together with the best talent in games to make entertainment that is complementary.”



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