House of Moves provides Black Ops II performance capture

Actors outfitted with 52 body markers and 88 facial markers to film game cinematics
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Motion capture outfit House of Moves was chosen by Treyarch and Activision to provide full performance capture for cinematics in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

The Los Angeles-based company outfitted performers with 52 body markers and 88 facial markets for the game’s cinematic sequences, while simultaneously recording audio.

Film of the actors took place at House of Move’s 459-square foot motion capture sound stage, which includes 200 Vicon T160 cameras and Vicon Blade software.

The firm was also required to conduct performance capture of a live horse.

“We first teamed with Treyarch and Activision in 2010 on the original Call of Duty: Black Ops, which was an incredible project that saw unprecedented success,” said House of Moves business development manager Jimmy Corvan.

“We’re stoked to work on this franchise again and to partner with Treyarch and Activision to keep raising the bar on video game cinematics.”