How to get a better coding job

Black Rock Studios director of technology, on maximising your employment prospects
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Today we've published the first of three guides to improving your chances at securing a better job, as part of our ongoing careers focus.

Tom Williams, director, technology, at Black Rock Studios, has taken a look at getting a new position in coding, and offers nine key points to help you increase you chances of employment.

"In high-tech industries skills quickly become redundant, so it’s far more important to hire creative people with the ability and motivation to adapt with the industry," said Williams. "Hiring is about the long-term growth of your studio, and choosing the right candidates becomes a lot easier if you can put project deadlines out of your mind during the interview.

"I’m far more interested in a brilliant physics graduate, with little programming experience but bags of potential than someone who feels that they’ve nothing left to learn."

To read the full feature, click here, and be sure to check back over the next two days to read our articles on getting jobs in art and production.


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How to get a job inâ?¦ Coding

Itâ??s all well and good to say that you could be earning more, but how do you go about getting that job? We asked Black Rock Studiosâ?? director of technology Tom Williams about how to improve your chances when seeking a new coding role