HTML5 'is the future of gaming'

Develop Conference: 'The argument that there isn't a big enough user base is irrelevant', claims Turbulenz COO
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The hotly debated and controversial HTML5 platform for browser is the future of gaming, claims Gavin Shields.

Speaking at the Develop in Brighton conference, the Turbulenz COO said that creating games for console had become too risky for many developers, whilst discoverability was a huge problem for developers on the App Store.

He added that the HTML5 platform had overcome many of its previous issues, such as the size of its potential userbase, which he cited as 1.3 billion, whilst it was also cheaper for developers to create content for compared to large triple-A console titles.

"I know many of you will have an overriding issue with all I’ve just said," said Shields, in reference to his positivity surrounding web platform.

"I know the name HTML5 invokes much cynicism but I have no doubt that it is the future. Since Google enabled Webgl by default in its browser last year, approximately 1.3bn have access to browsers that can play modern games in Javascript HTML5.

"The argument that there isn’t a big enough user base for HTML5 is irrelevant. You’re no longer at the mercy of one business."

He added: "Day by day my colleagues and I become more convinced that it is the future."