HumaNature Studios turns to Kickstarter for new Toejam & Earl

Founder Greg Johnson promises "to go old school with this one"
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A Kickstarter campaign has launched in the hope of raising funds for a brand new Toejam & Earl game.

Earlier this month, developer HumaNature Studios – founded by Greg Johnson, one of the creators of the classic gaming duo – revealed it intended to make a new entry in the series, promising an announcement in a few weeks. Turns out that announcement is a push for crowdfunding.

The campaign for the new game, currently titled Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove, is asking for $400,000. At the time of writing, it has raised just under $88,000 from 1,500 backers.

Writing on the Kickstarter page, Johnson said the new title will be similar to the very first Toejam & Earl in terms of style and structure.

"We plan to go old school with this one," he wrote. "Fixed isometric camera, 2D sprites, simple controls, and an emphasis on co-op play. It will also pull in some of the more beloved elements from game two, and we have a list of exciting new gameplay elements planned as well.

"Oh right, I almost forgot… and we'll have funky music, and more funky music, and… then we'll add in more funky music."

Funky music confirmed, then.