Humble Bundle Mojam 2 raises $470k for charity

More than 75,000 contribute donations for The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Block by Block
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The 78-hour Humble Bundle Mojam 2 has raised more than $470,000 in donations for charity.

The game jam saw a number of indie developers such as Mojang, Vlambeer, Wolfire Games, Oxeye Game Studio, Ludosity and Grapefrukt all create games in just over three days, with a few studios also live-streamed throughout.

The Mojam has raised $473,000 from 76,148 people at the time of writing, with all donators receiving copies of each title. Although development has finished, the Humble Bundle is still taking donations till March 2nd.

The large sum also beats last year’ s total of $450,000.

The biggest contribution by far has come from Anonymous, who has donated $100,000 to charity. The second highest pledge came from the J!NX Crew, which gave $5,000 to the Mojam.

The average purchase amount currently sits at $6.21, with Linux users proving the most generous with an average of $7.19 contributed for each bundle.

All proceeds for the event will go to charities The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Block by Block.

Developers form Mojang created an impressive four games during the game jam, such as Nuclear Pizza War, Endless Nuclear Kittens, Battle Frogs and Nuke the Dinosaurs. The latter title is still being developed – but donators can get a blueprint prototype of the game early.

Other games developed during the event include Tektonic by Grapefrukt, Space Hunk from Ludosity, Oxeye’s 3918, Vlambeer’s Wasteland Kings and 3D shooter Low-light by Wolfire Games.

Visit the official Humble Bundle Mojam website for more information.