Hundreds spill the beans on â??industryâ??s dirty secretâ?? - crunch

Overwhelming response to our Quality of Life survey - but have you had your say?
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Develop's global Quality of Life survey has clearly hit a nerve, with a huge number of developers keen to vent about their working conditions.

Comments have emerged from all across the spectrum of opinions, and all over the world: those for and against the practice have participated and shared their views. One person described the sector’s reluctance to address crunch as ‘the industry’s dirty secret’ - another added that crunch wasn't just caused by bad planning, but also by "outright sociopathy" on the part of producers, leads and publishers.

So, if you feel like you're overworked, that bad decisions are made that affect your life, or that you've been discriminated against for voicing opinions about overtime, this is your chance to make your voice heard. Same goes if you feel that crunch time or working a few hours extra a week are necessary to create good games.

The survey closes this time next week, so you've only a few days left to take part.

It takes less than five minutes and is totally anonymous, so don't delay - click here to visit the site now.