Ian Livingstone to debate future of UK creative industries

LCC panel session to address UK government's efforts
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Eidos creative director Ian Livingstone will represent the UK games industry in a debate on the UK's creative industries at the London College of Communication next week.

Livingstone will join former Secretary of State for Education Estelle Morris and experts from the online publishing, film, finance and education fields to discuss whether the latest Government initatives are enough to help the creative industries' rapid growth and help turn talent into jobs.

The session will also touch upon whether the Government should be involved in helping the creative industries grow, whether money and resources are being effectively directed and whether there are enough financial incentives for creative industries in the UK. If Mr. Livingstone doesn't mention tax breaks, we'll eat our hat.

The event takes place on June 2nd from 6:30pm at the London College of Communication. For more information call 020 7514 2217 or e-mail awarburton@lcc.arts.ac.uk



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