Ico creator and DSi hardware lead speaking at GDC09

Fumito Ueda and Masato Kuwahara to chair pair of new sessions
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Ico creator Fumito Ueda and DSi hardware lead Masato Kuwahara are both leading newly revealed sessions at next month's GDC 09.

Sony's Ueda will be heading a panel entitled 'Evolving Game Design: Today and Tomorrow Eastern and Western Game Design'. Ueda, who has made few western appearances, will be joined by Goichi Suda – the Killer 7 and No More Heroes creator also known as SUDA51.

The session is scheduled to explore questions about recent trends in modern game design and the future of the industry in both Japan and the West in the coming years.

Meanwhile, Kuwahara is chairing a talk named 'The Inspiration Behind Nintendo DSi Development', and will offer attendees a chance to learn about the history of the eagerly anticipated handheld and the software development opportunities the company has in mind for the platform.

The 2009 Game Developers Conference takes place in San Francisco from March 23rd to 27th. For more information, visit the GDC's official website.