id chooses IGA for in-game ads

GDC08: In-game advertising firm to support Quake Live and its website
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id Software has signed up IGA as the in-game advertising manager for its upcoming Quake Live.

Announced at Quakecon in August, Quake Live is a new version of the studio's arena combat game, playable entirely in a web browser and boasting a variety of community features - all for free.

The free access is supported by in-game advertising supplied via IGA's proprietary SDK, which has been integrated into Quake Live.

“IGA understands game developers and game players which makes them the perfect partner for Quake. Whether it’s been the ease of implementing their SDK or just their excitement about Quake Live, they have been fantastic to work with,” explained Todd Hollenshead, CEO of id Software. “As we work to bring Quake-style deathmatch excitement to the masses, IGA has fully supported our vision.”

In the official announcement IGA said it believes more "progressive" firms like id will enter what it called the 'freemium' games category.

Justin Townsend, CEO of IGA Worldwide, added: “This partnership is only the latest testament to the increasing acceptance of in-game as an effective, measurable advertising medium and a strategic revenue opportunity for publishers and developers.”


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