ID@Xbox and Xbox Live coming to Windows 10

Console initiatives heading to PC as Microsoft pushes its cross-platform strategy
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Microsoft has announced that it will be bringing two of its key console ventures to the next iteration of its famous Windows platform.

Firstly, the ID@Xbox program – which helps independent developers produce and self-publish games on Xbox consoles – is expanding to Windows 10, making it easier for indies and mobile devs to bring their titles to PC.

The Xbox Live SDK will also be updated to account for Windows 10 development, according to Engadget. This is reportedly part of Microsoft's push for universal apps: software that runs on PC, consoles and smart devices. 

The Windows 10 version of Xbox Live will apparently give developers access to a "vast majority" of the online platform's services.

Finally, all Xbox accessories going forward will be compatible with Windows 10, and a wireless adaptor will be made available for the Xbox One controller.

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