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IGF 2007 finalists announced

Finalists have been announced for the ninth Independent Games Festival, which takes place in March next year as part of GDC 07.
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Over 141 games were entered into the competition, winners of which will be announced during an event on March 7th, part of the Game Developer Conference which takes place from March 5th to March 9th.

Some $50,000-worth of prizes are up for grabs with key games in the running including Peter Stock's Armadillo Run and Naked Sky's Roboblitz (full finalist list below).

“It was quite a challenge to have to choose just five finalists per category from what were 141 astounding entries,” said Simon Carless, IGF chairman. “We hope this year’s Festival proves to be the launching pad that it has become for so many of our past nominees.”

The finalists for the awards are as follows:

Seumas McNally Grand Prize
Aquaria - Bit Blot
Armadillo Run - Peter Stock
Bang! Howdy - Three Rings Design
Everyday Shooter - Queasy Games
Roboblitz - Naked Sky Entertainment

Best Web Browser Game
Bubble Islands - dot-invasion
Gamma Bros - Pixeljam
Samorost 2 - Amanita Design

Design Innovation Award
Armadillo Run - Peter Stock
Aquaria - Bit Blot
Everyday Shooter - Queasy Games
Toblo - Digipen Institute of Technology
Toribash - NABI Software

Excellence In Visual Art
Aquaria - Bit Blot
Castle Crashers - The Behemoth
Golf? - Luke Hetherington Company
Roboblitz - Naked Sky Entertainment
Samorost 2 - Amanita Design

Excellence In Audio
Aquaria - Bit Blot
Bone: The Great Cow Race - Telltale Games
Everyday Shooter - Queasy Games
FizzBall - Grubby Games
Racing Pitch - Skinflake

Technical Excellence

Arcane Legions: A Rising Shadow - Slitherine Software
Armada Online - EvStream
Bang! Howdy – Three Rings Design
Blast Miner - Cryptic Sea
Bugs Of War - NinjaBee