IKinema debuts virtual production toolset

LiveAction tech allows real-time interaction between performance capture, art assets and environments
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Tools outfit IKinema is now providing a new technology conceived to facilitate virtual production in games development studios.

Named LiveAction, the tool serves to allow the likes of directors to view performance capture generated content in near-to-final virtual environments during live takes.

Designed to narrow the quality gap between previz and final cut sequences, LiveAction enables actors to interact with pre-designed high resolution CG environments, such as animated characters and props.

“IKinema is all about quality, speed and strength”, said Alexandre Pechev, CEO, IKinema.

“Bringing our technology into the virtual production arena, and narrowing the gap between performance capture and final production quality is a perfect fit for us.

"We’re excited to work more closely with industry experts to shape LiveAction as the industries product of choice.”

Created as an open platform in which users can modify and customise core code and shaders, IKinema has built LiveAction to make the workflows between directors, performance and Maya artists a great deal more streamlined.

IKinema made its name in the games industry with inverse kinematics technology that started out life as space travel technology.

For more on the specifications and features of LiveAction, which is built around IKinema's own IK retargeting tech, click here.