IKinema gets Unreal Engine 4 integration

Animation tool will introduce RunTime and LiveAction functions to UE4 editor
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Epic Games has teamed up with IKinema to bring the firm's impressive animation technology into Unreal Engine 4.

The two firms will be demonstrating the new integrations at the Unreal Engine booth – No. 1024 – in the GDC Expo this week, with a special presentation detailing the new features at the booth's Open Theatre at 4pm on Thursday, March 5th.

IKinema RunTime will be integrated into Unreal Engine 4, granting users access to the firm's drag-and-drop functionality that speeds the process of Foot Placement, LookAt and Advanced Locomotion.

Also due to be added is IKinema LiveAction, which allows directors to gather motion capture data and view the results directly on an avatar in real-time and within a game's virtual environments.

"Furthering our integeration of IKinema's technology into Unreal Engine is a great help for our users and their games," said Unreal Engine general manager Ray Davis. "We're excited to share with developers how they can improve and speed up their development cycle through this presentation." 

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