IN FOCUS: DRM and content protection

Is an image makeover for DRM a possibility?
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In today’s tech feature, Develop investigates the necessary evil that is copy-protection, and what DRM can do to win over suspicious consumers.

Speaking with several of the leading security providers, it is apparent that the industry must concentrate on a combination of new technologies, openness with consumers, and a focus on educating those who chose to make illegal downloads.

In the feature Dmitry Guseff, multimedia PR manager for StarForce – a company at the heart of the DRM controversy – details the amendments made to address concerns raised by gamers.

 “We’ve made various changes: more information about what is being installed in users’ systems, the ability to remove protection at any time, built-in help, an informative and easy-to-understand GUI, activate-and-forget methods, the possibility to quickly move e-licences from one computer to another, freedom to choose the way and protected programs launch, and finally fast and friendly technical support.”

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