In focus: Unity 4's Mecanim

The engine outfit's animation technical director on why he thinks the new tech will change the way you make games
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Today Develop has published a special blog penned by Unity's animation technical director that gives an early insight into the capabilities of Mecanim; the tech set to bolster Unity 4's animation capabilities.

"Mecanim is a complete turnkey solution for character animation in games," writes Robert Lanciault in the piece. "It abolishes the need to spend expensive development efforts to integrate 3rd party middleware. Mecanim is natively integrated with and optimised to run in the Unity Engine. From the Editor, you get all the tools and workflows needed to create and build animation assets directly into your game."

To learn more about Mecanim's abilities with regard to blend trees, retargeting, IK state machines and more, click here.


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