In Tweets: Indies react to PS4 reveal

Devs share their opinions and concerns on Sony's next-gen console
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After Sony’s unveiling of the PlayStation 4, we called on indie developers to send us there opinions through Twitter on what they thought of the new console.

Although Sony mentioned indie developers a few times on stage, the reveal was light on details on how the console giant would support this large development ecosystem - currently spreading like wildfire on platforms such as iOS and Android.

Developers were generally happy and excited by the reveal, and the possibilities it could offer, but many remain concerned with the potential costs of developing for PS4 and discoverability, hoping Sony adopts a similar approach to Apple to keep down development costs and allow devs to freely update their titles as they please – on their own terms.

Below we've list a selection of the most interesting and thought-provoking Tweets from indie developers around the world.

It sounds good to spend our time on making games again and not implementing stupid monetization & advertising SDKs

— Eloy Ribera (@eloyribera) February 21, 2013