In2Games unveils multi-format motion-sensing controller

Britsoft firm In2Games plans to introduce a wireless, evolved version of its Gametrak peripheral which it is touting as the ultimate way for developers to implement motion sensing across multi-format titles.
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With both the Wii remote controller and now Sony's Sixaxis pad placing an emphasis on tilt or movement control, In2Games thinks the market is ripe for a one-size-fits-all device that works with every games platform - PS3, Wii, 360 or PC - thanks to its USB connection.

Most importantly, however, the company thinks that advocating the use of the peripheral will not only help drive forward variety in player interactions, but also offset the cost of developing titles by making motion-sensing games truly mutliplatform.

The device uses new ultrasonic technology to outstrip the motion-sensing functionality in the Nintendo Wii (but can also emulate it) and was demonstrated to the press earlier this week. It's currently due for release in Q3 2007, but in the meantime developers can contact In2Games for development kits.

Commented Elliot Myers, MD of In2Games: "We’ve got the best technology, with incredible functionality allowing developers to produce exciting new games specifically for the system – taking advantage of its unique features - or to allow titles which use motion sensing to be published on any platform. It’s an exceptional proposition – for the industry and for consumers."


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