Indie changes name on whim, Size Five born

UK-based Zombie Cow Studios gets dramatic makeover
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UK-based Zombie Cow Studios gets dramatic makeover
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Zombie Cow, the lauded UK indie behind the recent Channel 4-published title Privates, has changed its name to Size Five Games.

The makeover, according to studio founder Dan Marshall, is aimed at making the studio’s image more accessible in both a general and a business sense.

“The way I see it, there’s no point going through life putting up with something that makes you unhappy if it’s completely within your power to change it,” Marshall said on the studio blog.

“The trouble with picking a ‘funny’ name for your company, as I’ve discovered, is that it gets exponentially less funny with time.

“It was awkward to say out loud in front of grown-ups, and it made my heart sink every time someone mentioned the name of my company. That’s no way to go through life!”



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