Indie Gala launches new bundle

Second package in two months for charitable indie platform
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Indie Gala 3 is now live, offering customers three games in a flexibly priced package, with two additional games on offer for those who beat the average price.

This is the same pricing scheme offered by the Humble Indie Bundle; a change from the tiered payment system of the previous Indie Gala.

The Indie Gala has in the past offered secret incentives for higher donations, and this is no exception, with three rewards to be revealed in the second week of the sale.

According to the press release, some of these rewards will be music albums, in keeping with the previous two bundles.

The games included in the package are Trapped Dead, Greed: Black Border, and Future Wars, with Grotesque Tactics, Twin Sector, and a secret "bonus game" available as incentives to customers who pay more than the current average of $4.57.

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Save the Children and Child's Play charities.