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Indie marketplace Itch.io lets devs choose revenue share

Studios can now decide how much money goes back to Itch.io from game sales
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Itch.io has introduced ‘open revenue sharing’ for developers that publish games through its platform.

The indie game marketplace has always allowed consumers to pay what they want for titles they purchase, but now studios will get a similar level of control, GamesIndustry reports.

The new ‘open revenue sharing’ model allows devs to specify the percentage of their revenues that will go back to Itch.io. The site’s creator Leaf Corcoran adds that the money earned by Itch.io will be invested in improving the marketplace.

“You might be saying ‘well, that sounds pretty risky – what if everyone sets it to 0?’” he said. “We think that’s a risk we’re willing to take in the spirit of encouraging the generous and supportive community that’s already developed around Itch.io.”

The online marketplace allows developers to set a minimum price for their games, with consumers able to pay more if they want to.