Indie marketplace's Steam release halted by Valve

‘We just don’t have the tools and processes to handle many types of non-gaming software right now,’ platform holder explains after blocking Greenlight app
Publish date:, the distribution platform aimed at indie and experimental games, has been refused from launching its app on Steam.

The PC platform previously opened a page on Steam’s Greenlight service, aiming to drum up support for its unique mix of more obscure titles to come to the marketplace in addition to its existing website and desktop client.

Unfortunately, that ambitious aim came crashing to a halt after’s Steam app was yanked from the service after just 12 days.

Founder Leaf Corcoran posted up an explanation from Valve in response to the app’s removal.

“The reality is that we’re finding that we just don’t have the tools and processes to handle many types of non-gaming software very well right now,” Valve said.

“We’d like to accept more kinds of software on Steam, but right now we need to focus on a smaller scope until we have better tools and processes in place.”

According to Valve, the types of non-gaming titles currently supported by Steam include animation and modelling tools, audio production software, design and illustration programmes, photo editing apps and video production platforms.

Corcoran revealed that the campaign gathered nearly 3,000 ‘Yes’ votes and peaked at fourth in the Greenlight rankings over its 11-day run.

Although no other marketplace exists within Steam, the platform does support cross-compatibility and -launching with services such as Ubisoft’s Uplay.



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