Infernal Engine adds network game tech for free

RakNetâ??s networking tools integrated into the Ghostbusters engine
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Terminal Reality has announced the integration of proven net technologies into its Infernal Engine.

RakNet, a C++ game networking engine, will be packaged with the Infernal Engine at no extra cost. The online play technology is said will bolster network performance in-game, giving developers a string of tools such as object replication, remote procedure calls, patching, secure connections, voice chat, and real-time SQL logging.

Terminal Reality – whose engine was used to build the most recent Ghostbusters game – is widely promoted as a scaleable platform for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP and Nintendo DS.

"We are proud to offer Infernal Engine developers the robust multiplayer power that RakNet provides right out-of-the-box," said Joe Kreiner, VP of sales and marketing at Terminal Reality.