InnoGames hires new head of QA

Appointment comes as German developer begins international recruitment drive
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Free-to-play studio InnoGames has hired Rainar Ütt as its new head of quality assurance to help the developer achieve higher quality across its titles.

One of Ütt tasks will be to lead InnoGames’ QA to a more development integrated approach and enabling it reach for a higher quality software to the market at a faster rate.

“The new job at InnoGames is an appealing task in a very dynamic market environment. I like the international appeal of InnoGames and I am looking forward to contributing further to the success of the company, as I believe that high quality standards are one of the key factors for online games,” said Ütt.

Ütt studied Business Information Technology at the Tallinn University of Technology. He previously worked as head of quality assurance for the Unibet Group in Stockholm.

Ütt’s appointment comes as the German company’s increasing focus on international recruitment.

InnoGames currently employs 230 people from about 20 nations. By the end of the year, the company wants to hire about 70 additional employees, primarily for development.