Insomniac opens R&D website

Information sharing resource aims to enhance PS3 development
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Insomniac Games has opened a research and development section of its website.

The studio, which is currently hard at work on Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, has opened the area to support the PS3 development community and enhance development for the PS3’s core technologies.

Currently the website features previous internal and public presentations, technical articles and insights into the development process at Insomniac, with new content to be added on a regular basis.

Ted Price, CEO and founder of Insomniac, said: "The 'R&D' page on the Insomniac website is meant to share knowledge with fellow studios about PS3 development while giving our fans a detailed look into how we make our games. This page will also help explain our production philosophies."

The website can be found here.