Intel to buy Nvidia?

Computing giant Intel could be on the verge of acquiring graphics manufacturer Nvidia, according to Wall Street speculation.
Publish date: is reporting that rumours have been doing the rounds for several days now.

In late July, Intel rival AMD acquired Nvidia’s biggest competitor ATI for $5.4 billion. The deal allowed the CPU developer an access point into the graphics market, and many are saying Intel needs to seal a similar move to maintain its position in the sector.

The chatter has sent Nvidia’s share price up eight per cent, with trading of the firm’s stocks running at twice the normal rate.



The latest Intel

With Siggraph taking place in Los Angeles, graphics processing is once again a hot topic amongst developers. Intel is of course one voice in the fray, pushing its new codenamed-Larrabee GPU. We spoke to Aaron Coday, manager of the EMEA visual computing groupâ?¦


A viewpoint from Nvidia on Larrabee

Nvidia has issued to the press a statement it hopes will raise questions amongst the minds of developers about the claims Intel is making about its new Larrabee processor. Here, we reproduce the full - and of course subjective - statementâ?¦


Where next for NVidia and Ageia?

NVidia's acquisition of Ageia might seem like business deal that'll only affect system builders and hardware companies, but in actuality it could signify the beginning of a turning point for PC architectures - and consequently how people develop for them.