Intel ups bid to make netbooks game devices

Developers offered cash prizes for building netbook specific games
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Intel is hoping to build a new games platform out of the immensely popular netbook device – and wants developers to kick start the revolution.

The chipset giant is currently accepting entries in its ‘Games For Netbooks’ contest, and will award three winning entrants $1,000 as well as dev tools and exposure.

Developers making games for the contest won’t be giving up their IP, Intel says.

An overall winner will also be awarded a holiday with as much as $5,000 of expenses paid.

The deadline for the contest – which first launched last month – is 3rd October 2010 at 12PM GMT.

Intel is partnering with a British dev tools group, known as The Game Creators, as part of the contest.

Entrants should to create their netbook games with either DarkBASIC Professional or Dark GDK, and Intel wants the entries to be designed specifically for netbooks (running at 1024 x 600 resolution, for example).

Each entry cannot exceed 250MB, nor can it include third-party content.

Netbook sales have rocketed in recent years due to the entry-level prices for the products, and many analysts say the devices are on the cusp of becoming a phenomenon in emerging economies.