inXile trademarks Wasteland and Fallout follow-ups

Brian Fargo's studio registers Meantime and Van Buren as potential future projects
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Wasteland 2 developer inXile Entertainment has registered two teasing trademarks that hint at what the studio may be working on next.

The developer, founded by Brian Fargo, has registered 'Meantime', a name that was used for a time travel RPG once in development at Fargo's previous studio Interplay, according to Eurogamer

Meantime was planned as a follow-up to Wasteland, and with the latter's sequel now available, Fargo could be resurrecting the project.

Secondly, inXile has registered the trademark for 'Van Buren', which was originally the codename for Black Isle's version of Fallout 3 before the studio's parent Interplay closed. 

Since the Fallout trademarks are now owned by Bethesda – which released its own Elder Scrolls-style Fallout 3 back in 2008 – Van Buren could be Fargo's best chance to continue work on the series in its original style.

Fargo has yet to confirm, but when questioned he teased: "Those sure sound like interesting concepts to me."

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